How to Gift Apps and Games for Android Users

The iTunes App Store makes it easy to purchase an app or game on someone else’s behalf, and it’s a great way to send a thoughtful gift to an iPhone user. Google Play Store does not have such functionality, but there are still a few solutions to achieve the same goal: to present an application to … Read more

How to Hide Google Hangouts from the Gmail Sidebar

Whether you’re a regular user or a self-employed entrepreneur who spends hours sending and reading emails, you probably do it via Gmail. As Google’s number one email service, hundreds of millions of Gmail customers send billions of emails every day. One of the advantages of being an official subsidiary of Google means that it has integrated … Read more

How to Change Text Size on WhatsApp Application

The text in some applications can be small. This makes reading messages difficult, even if you don’t have vision problems. You don’t have to force your gaze too much when reading by zooming in on the text. The same goes for WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp allows you to adjust the text size, but it does not offer as … Read more

How to add music to Snapchat Stories and Snaps

Adding music to Snaps and Stories on Snapchat is a piece of cake with the app’s audio feature. This allows you to create an audio background for your creations, whether they are in image or video format.   Other social apps like Instagram and Facebook allow its users to create stories with background music. Snapchat joined … Read more

What is LockDown Browser ? and How Does it Work

LockDown Browser is a private web browser and software suite designed to ensure that online or remote tests are free of cheating. If you are a student writing exams online, there is a good chance that you will use LockDown Browser as part of your assessment. What is LockDown Browser? LockDown Browser is a software application created by Respondus … Read more

How to Remove a User from a Group in Telegram

A Telegram group is a great space to share and discuss information, organize events, create announcements, or have a conversation. There are no ads or subscription fees, and all members can participate with equal permissions in the global message board that never stops working. However, as with most social media platforms, there is no reliable … Read more